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Jenny Weller 

Health and Wellness Copywriter

Helping Health and Wellness Businesses Grow Through Online Content


Blog & Content Writing Portfolio



I help health, nutrition, and wellness businesses create engaging online content to tell their story and inspire readers. Build a trusted and credible platform and make a real difference to your audience.

My writing services include high-quality and researched content: 

  • Blog posts and articles 

  • Website copy

  • Ghostwriting 

From 600-word informal blogs posts to long-form feature articles, I always strive to produce fascinating and appealing pieces. If you don't have the time to write regular blogs, I've got you covered.  

I write SEO-optimised copy to get your business noticed while delivering rich, high-quality content that will provide value to your readers and customers. 


My expertise lies in: 

  • Supplements

  • Holistic health 

  • Natural health

  • Green living 

  • Mindset 

  • Mental health

  • Fitness

  • Wellness 


Blog & Article Writing Services

Are you looking for a skilled wordsmith and blog writer for your business? 

I can tell your story in an engaging and informative way that positions your brand as an expert. 


My services include:


  • SEO Optimised Blog Posts 

  • Website Copy 

  • Articles 


Want to start a blog for your business? Great copy helps to boost your brand voice, add value and start a conversation with your customers. 


Let me help you build a kickass blog with stellar content. 


I am based in the UK but work with global clients, rates quoted on enquiry. 

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I write your content so you don’t have to!

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