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Have You Tried These 7 Health and Wellness Trends in 2023?

From mushrooms in your morning coffee to a post-workout cold water plunge in your garden, the wellness world never disappoints. Here are some of the latest health and wellness trends this year.

8 Health and Wellness Trends in 2023

1. Cold Water Plunges

With a number of celebrities advocating for a morning ice-cold plunge to start their day, cold water therapy is everywhere. Search for cold water therapy has been slowly increasing over the last few years, with many ready to introduce the Wim Hoff method to their routine. Advocates say a cold water dip increases recovery, reduces inflammation, and helps you sleep better at night.

2. Alcohol-Free Living

Every January, there’s a focus on Dry Jan and sober living that often fizzles out by the end of the month. But mindful drinking and alcohol-free living are on the rise. Whether it’s cutting down or out, the low/no alcohol drinks market grew by 7% across ten key global markets in 2022, including the US and the UK. Predictions are that the market will grow by a third by 2026.

3. Functional Mushrooms

A recent study found that the global functional mushroom market demand is expected to grow rapidly. Mushrooms like Lion’s Maine and Reishi are considered functional mushrooms with potential health-enhancing benefits. With mushroom lattes, supplements, and mushroom powder to add to your morning shake, functional mushrooms continue to rise in popularity.

4. Sleep Hygiene

We all know that sleep is important; it’s no secret. Sleep syncing looks to be trending in the world of sleep hygiene. Sleep syncing is a way of adjusting your sleep/wake cycle to your natural circadian rhythm. The idea is that you create a routine that allows you to sleep and be awake when you should, rather than fighting your body's natural rhythm.

5. AI-Powered Wearables

AI-anything is having a moment right now, so it would be impossible not to mention AI-powered wearables. Artificial intelligence in wearables in the fitness industry allows for more personalised help to reach goals effectively. With smart headphones and an AI-based personal trainer already delivering real-time guidance and tracking progress, who knows how far AI will go in the wellness space.

6. Mental Health

Mental health isn’t a new trend, but its importance only continues to grow. Every year a new statistic shows the state of poor mental health that so many people experience. More people are looking for ways to manage their mental health. The mindfulness and meditation app market is booming, showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Through the COVID-19 pandemic, many turned to online therapy to continue to seek support. Online therapy looks set to stay with digital mental health offering a refreshed approach to care.

7. Digital Detox

Another key wellness trend for 2023 is separating from our devices. In 2022, the average person in the UK spent just over four hours on a mobile device each day. A digital detox can help you feel more present, lower stress, and give you time to focus on yourself. Not to mention, save your posture from all that scrolling.

8. Corporate Wellness

Workplace wellness trends point toward a focus on mental health and personalised care. Employers will need to continue to step up and support their people as they continue to optimise their hybrid working approaches. A report from Wearable Labs found that in 2023, employers are more likely to invest in mental health, stress management, and financial wellness support for employees.

The health and wellness world is ever-changing and evolving, making it a wonderful place for innovation, but it's easy to get confused and lost in the buzz. Looking to create a resource of knowledge your readers know they can get trust? I help health and wellness businesses inspire and connect with their audience by crafting informative content that's well-researched and digestible.

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